Hey there, I'm Adrianne.
I'm a native Houstonian and lover of local retail.

Adrianne Stone

I'm also the founder of Stockabl, the wholesale marketplace for handcrafted and independently designed goods. Through my work with the retailers we service via Stockabl, I have heard first hand the struggles our local independent retailers are experiencing.

I was desperate to do something, anything, to help.

The idea for Support My Local Shop came when I saw how easy it was to find information on how to support local restaurants. My husband and I are big-time foodies and services like Yelp, Grubhub, Doordash, and others made it very simple to order from local Houston restaurants (whom we had decided to exclusively support during all of this).

But I couldn't find anything similar for local shops!

Before Support My Local Shop there wasn't a great way to find local indie retail stores around you AND to know exactly how to support them. In fact, if you look up a shop on Yelp right now (assuming they have a page) you will see this:

COVID-19 Advisory: Business operations may be affected
Due to ongoing precautionary measures, please contact the business directly for updated hours and availability.

Not particularly useful is it? As a consumer, I now have to either call them, visit their website, or maybe even hunt down their social media channels to figure out a) if they are still open, b) what merchandise is available, and c) the best way to purchase.

I figured there had to be a better way, and not finding one; I decided to build it. This site is a work in progress so please drop me a note if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

If you want to help your local shops too, I have a few ideas for you

  • Add your favorite shop to Support My Local Shop and then let them know you did so.
  • Buy a gift card from a local retailer or support their crowdfunding campaign (usually they are going to the employees they had to lay off). Look for the following icons for stores that are offering one or both:
  • Reach out to your friends that own shops and check on them.
  • And I love Target as much as the next girl... but check your local shops before buying something from them or Amazon for the next few months. Often the same things you are buying there can be purchased from the shops directly, without the 25% cut the online retailers take.

- Adrianne

Adrianne Stone

Facts About Independent Retail

“Each $100 spent at local independents generated $45 of secondary local spending, compared to $14 for a big-box chain.” 

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Ecommerce only comprises 9.46% of all retail sales. Put another way, brick and mortar retail is driving over 90% of all retail spending. 


"Small retailers with 50 or fewer employees make up 98.6% of all retail firms... AND they hire 39.8% of all retail employees.

Small Business Trends

"During every other major disaster in memory... sales dropped, but they did not flatline. Main Street businesses are looking into an abyss and it’s not at all clear how far it is to the other side or how they can possibly build a bridge to get there. Most have only enough cash reserves to survive for a few weeks."

Stacey Mitchell - ISLR

Independent retail provides advantages such as better and more personalized service, more community involvement, expertise and product knowledge, and a more interesting and enjoyable experience than large chains. 

Advocates for Indepedent Business